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Read more about volunteer opportunities, or use the form to tell us that you’re interested. Totally free! No obligation!

Volunteer opportunities abound

Non-profit arts organizations depend utterly on the willing assistance of countless volunteers. We can’t pay them—but we love them! If you want to share your love of the arts, and don’t have to depend on us to supply your daily bread … come on down! We can use you. We rely on volunteers to put up and take down exhibits; to assist with programs for the elderly and disabled; to staff our gallery front desk during operational hours; to run errands; and more.

Also, consider joining one of our WCAC Teams!

Here’s your chance to make a difference!  Join a WCAC Team and help shape the future of our organization.  We know you have talent and special abilities—come share them with us!  Take a look at the Team list and see what interests you.  Join one as a member, or “Dare to be a Team Leader!”  We already have some Leaders listed, but they need your help with planning and execution.  If you don’t see a Team Leader listed, this is your opportunity to shine—we need new leadership, so please accept the challenge! 

You can see a more detailed description of Team opportunities by clicking here. (Opens in a new window or tab, so you won’t lose your place on this page.)


Use the form and we’ll contact you to see what volunteer jobs would make the best fit for you and your interests!