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We have lots of ways for you to support the arts and art education in the Williamsburg area by supporting the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center.

Join! The easiest and most direct way to support the arts and WCAC  is to become a member (if you’re not already one of our hundreds of existing members). You can join or renew an existing membership online with your credit card. Or you can mail us a check. To do any of that, go to our page describing the benefits and levels of membership.

Donate! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contributions to us are fully tax-deductible, and heartily encouraged! You can really help by providing your general support for all of our activities, described on most of the pages of this web site. To make a tax-deductible donation, go to our “Donate” page.

Sponsor! We put on a wide variety of events every year, many of them provided to needy community members at no charge. Maybe that’s where you come in? We always want the help of community-oriented sponsors looking to further the arts in Williamsburg. Many of our community activities involve disabled children, and seniors who are mobile only with a caregiver’s help. Or perhaps you’d like to show your support to an audience of art lovers! You can always help sponsor one or more of our art exhibits. The possibilities are many! More information about sponsorships is here.

Volunteer! Non-profit arts organizations depend utterly on the willing assistance of countless volunteers. We can’t pay them—but we love them! If you want to share your love of the arts, and don’t have to depend on us to supply your daily bread … come on down! We can use you. We rely on volunteers to put up and take down exhibits; to assist with programs for the elderly and disabled; to staff our gallery front desk during operational hours; to run errands; and more. Let us know how to reach you and we’ll work with you to see what volunteer jobs might feel like the perfect fit for you and your interests.