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Member Artists at the Stryker Building

December 17, 2018 – February 15, 2019

For a second year, WCAC member artists were invited to participate in an exhibit at Williamsburg Library’s Stryker Building. Join us for a public reception on January 19th, 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Participating Artists: Exhibition Guidelines.


A Message to our Members & Friends with Cox Email:

Many of our members and friends who have Cox internet service & email have notified us that they are not receiving our email messages, and many of those who do receive them are finding the messages in their SPAM or Junk folders.  After researching this issue, we have learned that Cox is ‘holding’ messages when too many messages are coming in at the same time to their customers, so the folks on our mailing lists are not receiving their email.  It also appears that when Cox “Upgraded” their web-mail several months ago, people who had not already designated how their spam should be handled were automatically set to the first SPAM filter option, which is that messages identified by Cox as SPAM will be deleted without ever showing up in the  customer’s SPAM folder.

If you are not receiving WCAC’s email messages, please check your SPAM settings and reset them as follows:

Cox Mail offers three different junk email, aka Spam, filtering options. To view and select the Spam filter that best fits your needs, sign into your account in CoxMail, choose Options and then click on  the Rules button to see these three different Spam filtering option:

Filter and auto delete junk email – Email filtering is turned on and will identify and delete unwanted emails before you ever see them. Deleted emails are not recoverable.
Tag and deliver junk email – Email filtering is turned on and will identify unwanted emails and change the subject line of the email to include –Spam– for easy identification. The email will be delivered to your inbox.
Deliver Junk Email to the Spam Folder – Email filtering is turned on and will identify unwanted email and change the subject line of the email to include –Spam– for easy identification. The email will then be delivered to your SPAM folder in your webmail client.
You can go back to the CoxMail options window to change this setting at any time.

Submitting unwanted Email to Cox
In the event you receive an email that the Junk Email Filtering did not detect as Spam, you can send it to Cox for review. Cox will then work with their partners to ensure that this type of unwanted email is added to the list to be blocked. To submit an email as Spam, send it to

If the Junk Email Filtering identifies an email as Spam but you believe it is not, you can submit this to Cox as well. Cox will then work with their vendors to ensure that this type of email is not flagged in the future. This is known as a false positive. To submit a “false positive” for review, send it to You should also send a message to  In the body of the email, paste the email address for the message(s) you want to receive and request that the email be unblocked and confirm that the email message is Not Spam.  You may have to resend a message for the same email address  several times before it is corrected, but please keep trying to help us get and off the SPAM list.

If all of our members with Cox internet and email addresses will bombard Cox with ‘this is not spam’ and ‘unblock requests’, perhaps they will revise their SPAM settings.  Or everyone could simply change their email to gmail or yahoo or hotmail addresses…

Contact the gallery at if you have questions about this process.


Check out the current Exhibition Calendar for details and Fireside Members’ Gallery Themes!