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Finally – we have a new home!

As reported previously, CW has ended our lease at N. Boundary effective December 31. After searching many months for affordable space large enough to house our entire operation, we are happy to report that we signed a lease and will return to 110 Westover Avenue in the Arts District on January 1. Many of you remember this space – it was our old Art Ed Center – the one we fondly called the Blue Building.


Old Location – more space!

In addition to the 1600+ sq. ft. we leased before, we gained another 415+ sq. ft. in the back of the building with its own entrance, two separate rooms, storage area and a bathroom. Finally, we have room to consolidate our entire operation – and it’s all on one level – no stairs to deal with!! Overall, the space is affordable, has parking in the front and on nearby streets, and more room for everything, including parties, lectures, and smaller events. We are glad to plant our flag again at the Blue Building – a space we can use and enjoy for some time to come.

How will we use this space?

The larger space will house two separate galleries and an office. The Main Gallery will feature eight exhibits per year – click here for 2017 schedule. Instead of mostly regional shows, we’ll focus more on local community shows, members’ exhibits, a juried regional show, and a small works holiday show. The Fireside Members Gallery will operate like our existing Upstairs Gallery and feature themed members’ works. The smaller space in the rear will become our Art Ed Center with its own entrance, identity and personality.

What will it all look like?

Although our old Art Ed Center had a fun and colorful vibe, we’re aiming for more upscale and neutral surroundings for the two galleries and office. The new Art Ed Center is another story – we may let our imaginations run wild –  and, we plan to have some fun with the exterior areas too!!

When do we move?

We take possession on December 1, but there’s a lot of work to do before moving in. We must paint both gallery spaces and office, and upgrade the flooring and lighting in time for the Annual High School Art Show opening on January 17. On a parallel track, we must move out of our current N. Boundary space by December 31. Once we’re open for business on Westover, we’ll start refurbishing the Art Ed Center in the back – our goal is to resume classes and workshops around March 1.

How do we pay for all of this?

We will always need the support of our members, donors and grants, but the Board has approved a new business plan to help offset part of the rent through constructive use of our new space. In addition, we received two generous donations totaling $8,500 to be used in a matching campaign, and raised a net of $15,000 through For Art’s Sake. These funds will enable us to move forward and begin operations on Westover through the first quarter and beyond.

How can you help us?

Gosh, we hoped you’d ask……this effort will take a village! We are currently plotting various aspects to this relocation, but here’s where you can help. Please sign up for one or more projects/tasks – click here for info & sign-up sheet. This process really will be fun… we promise!  If you’re up to the challenge, please print the form, and either hand deliver to the Gallery, or mail to P.O. Box 388 (23187-0388). Or, contact Andrea Lemieux at 757-229-4949 or, and she will sign you up.