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Welcome to the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center
At the Blue Building


Notice About All Board Directors, Employees, and Volunteers

Because these individuals represent and/or do the business of the organization, they have all been fully vaccinated. They will be following additional safety protocols listed below to protect everyone entering the art center.

General Covid Policy

For everyone’s safety, we are following current CDC, VA, and our own policy regarding vaccinations and mask wearing.  We will review and/or adjust them as we move through this process. Until further notice, however, please follow the policy below:

Due to the current spread of the Delta variant, we require that everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) wear a mask covering your nose and mouth when visiting the art center.

Personal Space:  Please respect the personal space of others while in the art center.  We all have different comfort zones, so please honor that.

Hand sanitizer & disposable masks:  We will keep a supply of both at the Front Desk and additional sanitizer in the bathrooms.

If you have questions, or need help, please contact Janis Wood, President, at – or leave a message at 757-229-4949.